NOR - band - bandcamp

Nor is a 3-piece heavy psych band. We consistently release EPs.

MARKSMAN - acoustic solo - bandcamp

Marksman is an acoustic EP. Recorded in a lonely house in Cape Breton over a week, summer of 2013.

SLASHY - band - bandcamp facebook

Slashy is Ashley Pringle and Sylvain Medina, playing the music of universal opposition.

MVMNTS - band - bandcamp facebook

Movements was a stoner doom prog band I played guitar for. We released an album on vinyl called Through the Air, Across the Ocean, and a second digital album called Dry Land is a Myth.

THE BASEMENT PLAN - garage band - album 1 album 2 album 3

The Basement Plan is Neil, Ash, and Dan, circa 2000 to 2004. We recorded many songs, most of them in one take with an hour of practice.