All of these songs were recorded by us some time around 2004. We originally made only four CD copies, but now the whole album is online for all our friends to hear.

Each song was recorded in one take with about an hour's worth of practice. We didn't really know what we were doing, the toilet paper roll microphone stand fell over a lot, some of the notes are off, and sometimes the harmonica is too loud.

But some people say that's what Rock and Roll is all about.

This is actually the second album we recorded. I don't know what happened to the first. On my copy of the album the fifteenth song is corrupted, so it is missing here. We only played one show and it was at the Halifax West Coffee House, in the days when that building still existed.

My favourite songs are First Man, How Come, and Hey Ho.

1. My, My, My
2. She Said
3. Uma/Costello
4. First Man
5. Make It, Break It
6. Because We Can
7. Live on the Beach
8. The Argyle
9. Sold My Boots
10. Come On Cellphone
11. Five Songs
12. Remember When
13. Galaxy Rap 5555
14. Change Your Style
16. How Come
17. Used to Be Use to You
18. Hey Ho

Ashley loves Dawn & Lynn 🖤