Radical Scepticism's Presuppositions is the Masters thesis I wrote. It is about denying the presumed inevitability of the ridiculous.

THE DISPUTE - blog post - tumblr

The Dispute is a non-fiction story about the time my landlord smashed a hole through our wall to the outside, then refused to give our damage deposit back. There is blood.

DUBBLE SUCKLE - comedy blog post - tumblr

One time I went to a local burger place and instead of giving me a mint after my meal they gave me a piece of Dubble Bubble bubblegum. I repaid them by mercilessly mocking the chewy chunk of synthetic material.

WHAT AM I PLAYING - blog posts - tumblr

What Am I Playing is me talking about short videogames in really long articles. The funniest one is definitely the one I wrote about Dwarf Fortress.

DETERMINED - short story - html

Determined is a story about a guy who has decided that he can't decide anything any more.

CUSTOMER SERVICE - short story - html

Customer Service is a self-indulgent fantasy about being a bastard to tourists.

THE SCIENCE OF EMOTICONICS - uncyclopedia article - html

This is a dumb article I wrote about a fake field of science. It was featured on the front page of Uncyclopedia. A big deal.

I </3 - blog posts - tumblr

I </3 is me writing about things I don't like, because what the world needs more of is negativity.