Radical Scepticism's Presuppositions is the Philosophy Masters thesis I wrote. It is about denying the presumed inevitability of the ridiculous.

ONE OF A KIND - generated novel

ONE OF A KIND is a procedurally generated novel made for nanogenmo in 2017. You can read about it here. Contact me on twitter if you would like an account to make your own copy.

THE DISPUTE - non-fiction - blog

The Dispute is a non-fiction story about the time my landlord smashed a hole through our wall to the outside, then refused to give our damage deposit back. There is blood.

DUBBLE SUCKLE - funny jokes - blog

One time I went to a local burger place and instead of giving me a mint after my meal they gave me a piece of Dubble Bubble bubblegum, so I wrote about the comedic approach taken by that chewy chunk of synthetic material.

WHAT AM I PLAYING - game criticism - blog

What Am I Playing is me talking about short videogames in really long articles. I really like the one I wrote about Dwarf Fortress.

DETERMINED - short story - html

Determined is a story about a guy who has decided that he can't decide anything any more.

CUSTOMER SERVICE - short story - html

Customer Service is a self-indulgent fantasy about being a bastard to tourists.

THE SCIENCE OF EMOTICONICS - uncyclopedia article - html

This is a dumb article I wrote about a fake field of science. It was featured on the front page of Uncyclopedia. A big deal. I didn't want there to be a pic of pig testicles in this article.

I </3 - criticism - blog

I </3 is me writing about things I don't like.

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