Offgrid - video game - zip - itch
Interactive fiction? Made for A Game By Its Cover jam.

The Royale We - video game - zip - itch
Battle Royale meets single player arcade game. Made for Ludum Dare 41.


Pet The Pig - video game - pico 8 - html - itch
Pet the piiiiig! Made for tinytvjam.


Spacetank 9000 - video game - pico 8 - html - itch

Scorched Earth meets Super Crate Box. Made for Pico 8 Jam 2, rated #2
Rock Paper Shotgun
Warp Door
Jupiter Hadley
Geeky Juegos

FRST FIRE - video game - pico 8 - html - itch
A relaxing pet forest made out of cellular automata. Made for Low Rez Jam.

Tiny Parkour - video game - pico 8 - html - itch
Don't fall! Music by @pizzamakesgames. Nominated for 2018 pico 8 awards.

failures - video game pack - zip - itch
A scrap pack of failed games made for #scrappyjam, a game jam I hosted.

a pc game - interactive fiction - html - itch
A hypothetical interactive fiction about the dialogue around fascism.


garbage game - video game - html - itch
An infinite high-score game. See how many garbages you can garbage! Made for Fuck Capitalism Jam.

THE END OF THE NIGHT - interactive fiction - html - itch
Interactive Fiction dream simulator. Made for #TwinyJam.

STAY STRONG - video game - zip - itch
Minimalist survival roguelike. Made for 7DRL.


PADDLE BADDLE - video game - zip - itch
2 player local multiplayer Pong-like! Featured on the Winnitron arcade machine.

L'APPEL DU VIDE - video game - html - itch
An experimental game I made for #RuinJam. My first completed video game, it is about dreams of falling.

JAGGED ALLIANCE 2 ROGUELIKE - video game mod - zip

A mod of JA2 that implements roguelike save mechanics. No save/reloads on the fly, too bad if mercs die!
(Requires a copy of Jagged Alliance 2)

FIGHT! - card game - pdf - boardgame geek

A fast-paced 2 player card game of risk and luck. Punch, kick, parry and dodge your way to victory!

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